About Telme

TELME is committed to simplicity with its mobile phone portfolio. A good price, excellent performance and easy operation with a high level of quality are the main focus in this respect. TELME offers reasonably priced, thought through mobiles for senior citizens and mobile phone beginners. In order to benefit the customer, the product does without details and materials which increase the production costs, expensive extra features or elaborate marketing. As a telecommunications provider in the low price segment, TELME works with the classic low cost approach and can thus immediately provide the customer with price advantages.


Mobile telephones are thus offered which have a very low best price. TELME therefore represents THE affordable option for price-conscious customers who wish to have a mobile phone which is both easy to operate and which has basic functions. The TELME products are distributed for sale by the Linz telecommunications company emporia. Emporia cooperates among others with discount providers, large retail chains and post offices who mainly market TELME mobiles as prepaid/pay-as-you-go mobiles.